County combines bike, road maps

Hennepin County just released new bike maps, with a slight twist. Bob Byers, a Hennepin transportation engineer, said to save a few thousand dollars the county combined its biannual map of 1,830 miles of bike trails with its new road map. "This is the first year we've combined a road map with a bike map on the back," he said.

While the road maps haven't changed much, Byers said the bike maps are constantly being updated with new trails. He said the new maps only list the trails that fall under the county's trail design guidelines, specifying that on-road trails must have six-foot-wide bikeable shoulders and off-road trails should have eight-foot-wide bikeable paths.

For more information call Byers at 763-745-7633 or e-mail [email protected], and to order a free copy of the map, call 763-745-7644.