Calhoun Beach Club keeps Section 8

The company the owns the Calhoun Beach club apartments will let its Section 8 subsidized-housing tenants stay until 2008, according to a tenant representative.

Susan Reyes told the Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association's May meeting, that AIMCO, the company that owns the 2900 Thomas Ave. S. apartments, agreed to a five-year continuance of Section 8. The program uses city money to supplement rent for designated tenants.

Reyes said the previous CBC owners had agreed to keep Section 8 until 2018, but when AIMCO bought the property in 2000, it had wanted to opt out of the program by 2003. Opting out would force Section 8 tenants to either pay full rent or find another place to live.

Reyes said she and the other tenants are happy about the extension, but are unsure of their future after that. She said AIMCO could always reapply for the program, if it's still around, or a similar program. AIMCO representatives were not available for comment.