Whittier, Lyndale get sex-offender notice

Minneapolis police have sent a sex-offender community notification to the Whittier and Lyndale neighborhoods regarding a new resident and Level-3 sex offender, Lionel Tohannie Yazzie, 27. A community meeting was also held at the 5th Precinct April 8, attended by approximately 40 residents.

Yazzie, 27, who resides on the 3100 block of Pleasant Ave., is not wanted by police at this time. However, the state Community Notification Bill and Sex Offender Registration Act requires police to notify residents within a three-block radius of the released offender’s presence in the community.

According to police, Yazzie had been incarcerated on a sexual offense involving an adult female unknown to him, where he had used a knife to gain a victim’s compliance. Yazzie also has a history of sexual offenses involving preteen female victims known and unknown to him, classified as exposing and fondling offenses.

Sexual Offender Notification Coordinator Jon Hinchliff said Yazzie is currently under Intense Supervised Release and will be for one year. Under release conditions, he cannot have any contact with previous victims, minors or vulnerable adults. Yazzie cannot live in a building where there are children or be near parks, playgrounds or schools where minors are present. He must continue sex-offender treatment and chemical programming and cannot possess sexually explicit materials of any kind or enter establishments that serve alcohol. Yazzie must also gain approval prior to employment, which also must be documented.

Hinchliff said that there are over 12,385 registered sex offenders in Minnesota alone, and approximately 250 of them are ranked as Level-3 offenders or those most likely to reoffend.

He said he recommends that residents watch their children closely, specifically girls ages 13 to 15 years old, who are among the highest demographic for victimization. Hinchliff said it’s important to emphasize that sexual predators commonly seek out victims in Internet chat rooms.

For more information on Yazzie or sex offenders in general, call Hinchliff at 673-2817.