Minneapolis City Council actions

3/21/03 meeting

RENTER-TO-HOMEOWNER: The Council voted 9-4 to oppose a Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Policy Board plan to use $2 million of affordable-housing money for mortgage insurance for low-income homebuyers. Councilmembers Johnson, Zerby, Lilligren and Johnson Lee voted no.

BILL OF RIGHTS:On a voice vote, the Council sent a resolution criticizing the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Bills back to the Intergovernmental Affairs committee. The resolution would recommend city non-cooperation with federal initiatives that violate individual privacy.

NICOLLET REPAVE: The Council voted 12-0 to designate Nicollet Avenue from 46th Street to West Minnehaha Parkway for improvement, spending $3.8 million. The layout is still subject to discussion and an April 22 public hearing. Zimmermann absent.

LINDEN HILLS STREETSCAPE: The Council voted 12-0 to proceed with the $1 million South Linden Hills Street Renovation Project and adopt special assessments. Zimmermann absent.

KENWOOD SEWERS: The Council voted 12-0 to install a new sanitary sewer in Kenwood Parkway between Morgan Avenue South and Newton Avenue South. Zimmermann absent.

LOWRY HILL EAST LIGHTING: Approved 10-2 proceeding with the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Street Lighting Project, and to adopt $1.3 million in special assessments. Johnson and Zimmermann voted no; Goodman was absent.

CITY HALL ETHICS: On a voice vote, approved a new city ethics code requiring greater financial disclosure from public officials, including some spouses, with a city attorney designated as ethics officer and a three-member Ethical Practices Board.