Wedge lighting project advances

The Lowry Hill East lighting project is steadily gaining necessary approvals. Beverly Warmka, city transportation engineer, said more than 65 percent of neighborhood residents signed a petition, topping the city requirement. All of the signatures have been verified.

The project will place lights on all residential streets in the Wedge between Hennepin Avenue and Lyndale Avenue, and from 28th Street north to I-94. Hennepin will not get lights because it already has them; Lyndale will not because of an ongoing street lighting upgrade. Warmka said the department estimates approximately 250 lights would be needed for the area, or about six lights per block.

The project will cost no more than $1.8 million, she said, though she hopes project bids will be lower. Warmka said the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association has pledged $540,000 towards the project, but the balance will be spread among affected residents by a percentage basis.

Warmka said each resident’s assessment will be based on property size, but the exact rate has not been determined because the city is still determining which properties are assessable.

She said the City Council has already approved a community hearing on the project in February, once the assessments have been calculated and sent to residents. However, the council has not yet approved the project itself.

Warmka said that other neighborhood meetings to address questions will be held before February, but after assessments have been mailed out.