Gang graffiti in Fulton

Six people have been arrested for two mid-November episodes of Latino gang-related graffiti on Southwest High School and surrounding Fulton property.

Sergeant Richard Duncan of the 5th Precinct’s Graffiti Task Force said the first incident occurred when members of the Vatos Locos (Crazies) sprayed gang insignia on the high school’s building, 3414 W. 47th St., the Qwest Building next door, and on residential garages.

The second incident occurred when members of the Sureno 13 gang crossed out Vatos Locos’ graffiti with their own.

Six individuals were arrested between Nov. 16 and Dec. 3. They included one adult and five juveniles. All of those arrested are members of the Vatos Locos gang.

Duncan disregarded the idea that gang graffiti is a warning sign for increased gang activity in the neighborhood. "That’s not the case here," he said. "This isn’t violent activity. The Vatos Locos were at a school event in Northeast Minneapolis, got bored and came over to Southwest to disrespect Sureno 13."

Southwest High School was targeted because police say a few Sureno 13 members are students at the high school.

Since January, there have been nine graffiti incidents in Fulton.