Calhoun Beach Club reopens

The Calhoun Beach Club, 2925 Dean Parkway in the Calhoun-Isles-Dean neighborhood, re-opened Nov. 1 following a $32 million renovation that started a year ago.

General manager Jodi Schoenauer said the renovations spanned every part of the club, which consists of four parts: the athletic department; the business conference center; the "virtual office" area for businesspeople; and the social sector, including a dining room and other large rooms reserved for parties, receptions and meetings.

Throughout the club, Schoenauer said everything was redone and replaced, but the club's athletic department got new exercise equipment, too. "It's not just a facelift," she said.

Yearly individual memberships for the club are $105 per month, or $45 per month for the social sector only. Schoenauer said the club welcomes the public, too.

Southwest bus route review postponed

By Robyn Repya

The Metropolitan Council's Sector 5 public meetings, set to review proposed new bus routes throughout Southwest, have been postponed until late January or early February, according to the Council's Outreach Coordinator, Jennifer Lovaasen. The meetings had originally been planned for early December.

Lovaasen said that route planning is being done in conjunction with the light-rail transit schedule, and because the date for LRT's operation has been moved back from December 2003 to April 2004, bus route planning has also been pushed back accordingly.