Vandals trash bandshell

Sometime during the night of Oct. 24, vandals smashed a dozen windows at the Lake Harriet Bandshell, doing $2,000 in damage, park police said. The vandals also knocked over four light posts.

"They suspect a baseball bat was used to break out the windows," said police Lt. Loren Evenrud. "It is pretty substantial glass. You don't break it out with a small tool."

The vandalism comes as no surprise to Jerry Pomerleau, a Park Board carpenter working to fix the damage. Repairing vandal damage is a big part of his job, he said.

"It's happened before," he said "It costs the taxpayers a lot of money."

Park Board maintenance man Tim Berle said many residents were disturbed when they saw the damage. The Park Board has installed surveillance cameras at some north Minneapolis parks, but does not have them at Lake Harriet. If Southwest park vandalism starts costing the Park Board enough money, they'll probably consider cameras there too, Berle said.

Police have no suspects, Evenrud said. Anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Jim Schultz at 313-7751.