Fulton election snafu will be sorted out Nov. 6

There was some confusion at Fulton Neighborhood Association’s Sept. 11 election for five open board seats.

The ballot instructed residents to vote for five out of the six listed candidates — but left one candidate, Tom Broder, off the ballot. The omission was caught and voters were asked to add his name to the list. However, after ballots were counted and residents left, someone realized that voters should have been able to vote for six instead of five candidates.

Election judges couldn’t simply take the top five vote getters because the winners could have changed if there were more votes. Therefore, the top four vote getters were elected, and the bottom two will run again.

Four current board members — John Finlayson, Bill Kerker, Tom Steele and Tom Broder– were re-elected, in addition to newcomer Lenny Queiroz. Left to run again were Pat Bogusz and Jeff Alden. In her pre-election statement, Bogusz stated she is running because of her neighborhood work opposing a proposed three-story block-long housing development at 50th and Ewing, which she said created traffic and density problems. Alden said he was running because he’s tired of hearing comments that there is no affordable housing in his neighborhood, and wants to do what he can about that issue.

A re-vote will take place at the Fulton association’s Nov. 6 meeting.