Summertime, and 35th and 36th streets will be repaired

What would a Minnesota summer be without road repair? Beginning on Monday June 24, 35th Street from Dupont Avenue South to Bloomington Avenue, and 36th Street from Dupont to Chicago Avenue will be repaved, curbs repaired and new 30-mile-per-hour speed signs added. The project will take 14-16 weeks and will begin on the west end of the streets.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will also add approximately 70 trees along the streets as part of the $5 million project. City taxpayers will pick up most of the cost, although property owners on the streets will pay 8.5 percent through direct assessments.

Councilmember Dan Niziolek (10th Ward) said some improvements, including parking-lane striping, should calm traffic in the area. Pierre Willette, the city's inter-agency coordinator of public works, said the work will be done in sections, keeping one lane open for traffic.

35th and 36th street traffic volumes may change dramatically if their highway ramps are moved by the ongoing I-35W access project to 38th Street. Willette said planners did not foreclose future changes to the 35th and 36th streets. The current repaving project will keep the street width the same, he said.