Minn withdraws Fulton senior-housing plan

Steve Minn, Lupe Partners developer and former 13th Ward councilmember withdrew his proposal for a three-story senior housing development in Fulton during an informal neighborhood meeting on June 19. Minn announced his decision shortly after the meeting began and left.

In a letter to the Southwest Journal, Minn was disappointed to abandon the project at West 51st Street and Ewing Avenue South. "What a shame that a small but vocal minority of residents on Ewing Avenue has been able to dissuade me from pursuing a thoughtful and sensitive affordable housing project for seniors."

About 40 Fulton residents, the majority of whom live in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development, attended the Fulton Neighborhood Association meeting. Residents who opposed the project have said previously that the proposed three-story, 44-unit building was too large and would excessively increase traffic on 51st. The project would have replaced three homes and a parking lot on the northwest corner of 51st and Ewing. Residents also wanted more lighting and parking in the area. Minn said he had already made the design smaller and less dense in response to neighborhood concerns.

The Fulton Neighborhood Association board was to make a final recommendation on Minn’s plan in July, following neighbors’ June 19 discussion. Now that Minn has withdrawn, Fulton Board President John Finlayson said, "the board will discuss the feasibility of voting on the proposal" during its July 11 meeting.

Minn said he may submit a different proposal for the site to the city and "whatever happens, they [Fulton residents] can react to it."

Officially, neighborhood boards advise the City Council, which makes the appropriate zoning and planning decisions.