McKinseymeeting slated for July 9

A community meeting to explain the McKinsey Report is scheduled for Tuesday July 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Zurah Shrine Center, 2450 Park Ave. S.

The McKinsey Report is a far-reaching proposal to reconfigure city-development efforts by creating a Community Development and Economic Planning department. CPED will oversee five new sub-agencies (Neighborhood and Community Planning, Development Services, Housing Development, Business Development, and Human Development).

The report's recommendations, if adopted, would have major implications for neighborhood redevelopment, traditionally the domain of the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. Other agencies such as the Minneapolis Community Development Agency and Planning Department also would undergo sweeping changes.

Some believe the plan will mean greater neighborhood influence over the way development dollars are spent. Others fear it would result in diminished neighborhood clout.