How to get fish-consumption advice

At the end of a Lake Calhoun fishing dock, a sign posts the phone number of the state health department's fish consumption advisory: 627-5200. The sign is written in English and four other languages.

A call to the number gets a recorded message.

"We're sorry. You have reached a number that is disconnected or is no longer in service."

A spokeswoman for the Minnesota Health Department said the number had changed, and the agency had informed the city it needed to update its signs.

The new number is 651-215-0950.

The state Department of Natural Resources also has fish consumption advisories available on the Internet

Getting information about a specific lake is a little tricky. Type in the lake name and click on the "4" under "fish consumption advisory." (If you click on the words "fish consumption advisory" instead, you will end up in the wrong spot.)

The website recommends how frequently people should eat various types of fish, based on mercury or PCB levels. Both chemicals are toxic to humans. It has different recommendations based on the fish's size.

The website also provides advice for the general population as well as for pregnant women and children under age 15, who need to be more cautious about their fish intake.