Stevens Square garden now open to vegetables

Emily Peake Memorial Garden, 1913 3rd Ave. S., will open for vegetable plots this year, the Stevens Square Community Organization said.

The neighborhood has two community gardens, Emily Peake and LaSalle Community Garden, 1727 and 1808 LaSalle Ave. The LaSalle Garden has 50 vegetable plots — and a waiting list — said Julie Filapek, an SSCO neighborhood organizer.

Peake garden has had perennial flowerbeds and has been used in part as a source of flowers to beautify other parts of the neighborhood. (It was named for community activist Emily Peake, known among other things as helping to found the Upper Midwest American Indian Center.)

Opening up the Peake garden to vegetable plots would help build community, Filapek said. "If people are in the garden tending their plots, they feel it is their own space," she said. "We need people on the street — keeping an eye on the street — and getting to know each other."

The Peake gardens would have 10 to 15 plots, she said. The cost is $20. First priority goes to Stevens Square/Loring Heights residents. For more information, call Filapek at 871-7307.