Emerging artists sought for new art fair

The inaugural Stevens Square art fair, called Uncompromising Art, is seeking people to submit their one-of-a-kind works for review.

It is an art fair of a different sort.

The neighborhood wants artists to show and sell individual works of art rather than a series of replicated art objects, said Julie Filapek, a staff person for the Stevens Square Community Organization and one of the event’s organizers. Neighborhood artists will get preference.

"Creating opportunities for people to express themselves and to share with one another is the primary goal of Uncompromising Art, and a piece of our vision for a diverse, healthy community," Filapek said in a written statement prepared by the planning committee.

"Booth fees for this event are set significantly lower than at other area art fairs, $100, in order to encourage the participation of emerging and non-commercial artists."

An art jury will select 50 artists for the fair, scheduled for June 1-2 in Stevens Square Park on the 1800 block of Stevens Avenue. Reviewers will judge the work on originality and artistic integrity.

The deadline for submissions is April 1.

The Uncompromising Art project includes a series of six workshops, Feb. 6 to March 9, involving 10 neighborhood residents ages 11 and up in a bookmaking project that introduces a number of art techniques, from collage and photography to writing.

The book board project will revolve around the question "What is home?"

"As a neighborhood where most people live in apartments, and more and more of our residents have recently immigrated from Africa and Latin American countries, the question of what makes a ‘home’ is not simple," Filapek said.

The residents will show their book work at the art fair, as will students from Abraham Lincoln, a school serving immigrant and refugee youths in the Stevens Square Loring Heights neighborhood.

To receive a copy of the guidelines and an application form to submit artwork, or for more information on the project, call Filapek at 871-7307.