A Linden Hills enthusiast

A Q&A with Jamie Long, chair of the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council

(From left) Cristina Palmisano, Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene, City Council Member Linea Palmisano and Jamie Long. Submitted photo

Q: What motivated you to get involved in the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council? 

I was working on a neighborhood community solar project, and joined the Council to help promote neighborhood renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. Since I’ve joined, I’ve really enjoyed giving back to the neighborhood through our events like the Linden Hills Festival or Nice Neighbors Day, and acting as a forum for community information and discussion.

Q: What do you love most about the neighborhood? 

I love the walkability. We’re accessible by foot to Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun, a great local library and parks, our very own farmer’s market, and outstanding neighborhood businesses and restaurants.

Q: What are the major challenges/issues facing Linden Hills?

We are a fortunate neighborhood in many respects, which attracts many to want to live here. There is an active conversation around appropriate development. As property values increase, one downside is that some longtime residents can be priced out of living in their homes.

Q: What would be an ideal day in the neighborhood for you?

Go on a morning jog around Lake Harriet. Take the dog in the afternoon to pick up Clancey’s or France 44 sandwiches and head to the bandshell for an outdoor summer concert. Stop by Sebastian Joe’s ice cream on the way home!

Q: What makes Linden Hills unique compared to other Minneapolis neighborhoods?

We have the last running streetcar in Minneapolis! We have real natural beauty in William Berry Woods and the Roberts Bird Sanctuary, where walks feel like you’re far away from the city. We also have great fairs, from the Linden Hills Festival, to the Winter Kite Festival on Lake Harriet, to Woofstock, to Augtoberfest.

Q: How can people get involved in the neighborhood?

Help out with Linden Hills Neighborhood Council events or join one of the committees (like Environment, Events, Zoning and Housing, or Communication). We also have great neighborhood volunteer organizations like the environmental group Linden Hills Power & Light, Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary, or the Linden Hills History Study Group.