Kingfield’s cornucopia

The neighborhood is a foodie paradise

We could start an argument over whether Kingfield is the best Southwest Minneapolis neighborhood for dining, but we won’t. We’ll just let the evidence speak for itself.

They certainly eat well in Linden Hills, and Whittier has its Eat Street, but in terms of the quantity and quality of dining options, the roughly 90 square blocks between Lyndale and the highway, from 36th Street down to 46th Street, stack up against any neighborhood in the Twin Cities. And that’s not even counting the fabulous restaurants that lie just outside the neighborhood’s borders, including Piccolo, Ramen Kazama, Cafe Ena and Sunstreet Breads.

What follows are some suggestions for navigating this bounty of eateries, but take the list with a grain of salt; there’s more than one way to eat your way through Kingfield, and they’re all delicious.


For some folks, there is just no beating the mango pancakes at Victor’s 1959 Café (3756 Grand Ave. S.), but the eggs en cocotte on the brunch menu at Grand Café (3804 Grand Ave. S.) — a poached egg bathing in warm, truffle-infused cream, with ham, melty gruyere cheese, puff pastry and spears of sourdough toast — is out-of-this-world good.

When the other options include savory pancakes and other post-modern diner fare at Nighthawks (3753 Nicollet Ave. S.), the elegant French pastries at Patisserie 46 (4552 Grand Ave. S.) and the dim sum brunch at Kings Wine Bar (4555 Grand Ave. S.), there is really no way to go wrong.

Date night

It’s never wrong to let your stomachs lead you where they will on date night, but if it’s atmosphere you’re looking for, then head to Blackbird (3800 Nicollet Ave. S.), where the decor achieves that rare trifecta of cozy, quirky and candle-lit romantic.

More of a face-melter than a first-date ice-breaker, the firetruck red “Tennessee hot” fried chicken at Revival (4257 Nicollet Ave. S.) is one of the Twin Cities’ can’t-miss dishes of the moment. But your date would be equally impressed with the sustainable sushi at Kyatchi (3758 Nicollet Ave. S.) or the classic Spanish tapas at Rincón 38 (3801 Grand Ave. S.).

Fine dining

Bedazzled with multi-star reviews, Corner Table (4537 Nicollet Ave. S.) is revered by local foodies for Chef Thomas Broemer’s refined food and the staff’s equally refined service. But there’s a new contender for fanciest night out in Kingfield: the ticketed chef’s table experience offered by Landon Schoenefeld at Birdie, the restaurant-within-a-restaurant at Nighthawks.

With the kids

These days, the bar at The Lowbrow (4244 Nicollet Ave. S.) is doing bang-up business as a spot to while away the wait for a table at nearby Revival, but it’s long been one of the neighborhood’s go-to spots for family dining. The scratch-made comfort food satisfies all ages (and there’s a kid’s menu, to boot).

Curran’s Family Restaurant (4201 Nicollet Ave. S.) is a neighborhood landmark, and nearly 70 years after it opened it’s still offering good food at incredible prices. Where else will you find a $1 slice of pie special?

Cocina Latina Restaurant (3764 Nicollet Ave. S.) has pan-Latin fare and a family-friendly reputation, and if it’s a takeout night try Dragon Wok (3752 Nicollet Ave. S.).


Surfing the third-wave coffee movement is Five Watt Coffee (3745 Nicollet Ave. S.), where the specialty drinks are crafted with cocktail bar-level finesse. But it isn’t the only place in Kingfield to get a high-quality cup of joe.

Bull Run Coffee Bar (4301 Nicollet Ave. S.) started as a small-batch roaster before opening two shops to showcase its artisanal beans. If you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich or a scone to go with caffeinated pick-me-up, head to Butter Bakery Cafe (3700 Nicollet Ave. S.), where the coffee is served alongside scratch-made baked goods.