A primer on CARAG

Neighborhood Spotlight: CARAG

CARAG’s funny name is a quirk of history; it’s one of the few Minneapolis neighborhoods named after a neighborhood organization (Calhoun Area Residents Action Group) instead of the other way around.

It’s fitting. Even though the neighborhood has a toe in two of the liveliest nightlife nodes in Minneapolis, Uptown and Lyn-Lake, CARAG’s essential character is more residential than commercial. The neighborhood’s core is stocked with century-old single-family homes and apartment buildings.

CARAG residents enjoy easy access to the Chain of Lakes and one of the bike-friendliest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The neighborhood is well served by transit, too, but it’s easy to run errands on foot.

Bryant Square Park is the heart of the neighborhood and not just geographically. Host to a summer concert series and park league athletics events year-round, the park’s ice-skating and hockey rinks make it a wintertime destination, too.


Neighborhood rundown

Boundaries: CARAG’s rectangular outline is drawn by Hennepin Avenue (on the west side), Lake Street (north), Lyndale Avenue (east) and West 36th Street (south).

How to get involved: The CARAG neighborhood association (carag.org) holds a neighborhood meeting every third Tuesday of the month at Bryant Square Park. Anyone who lives in the neighborhood or owns a business or property in CARAG is allowed to vote on motions.

Special attractions: Calhoun Square is the CARAG landmark everyone knows. Two-hundred-fifty-acre Lakewood Cemetery, located just across CARAG’s southern border, turns 145 years old this year and is a must-see for local history buffs.