Tangletown takes on compost, solar initiatives

More than 50 residents in Tangletown and Lynnhurst have completed advanced training in organics recycling — they’re the ones with the “Organics Captain” lawn signs. They are fielding neighbors’ questions about all the nuances of what can and cannot be composted.

“Across the board, people have found it useful,” said Joy Gottschalk, president of the Tangletown Neighborhood Association.

It’s one of several environmental initiatives underway in Tangletown.

A neighborhood working group is considering whether to launch a campaign that would offer solar energy shares to at least 100 people, or build a resource page to provide information on solar.

The neighborhood has also received a grant to perform free rooftop solar assessments at commercial sites. Ideal rooftops are hard to find. They’re flat, 10,000 square feet or more, in good condition and sunny. Neighbors are exploring the idea of a rooftop solar garden that offers shares to residents, but the free assessments could also lead to an independent solar array.

“It would be awesome to create [a solar garden] in Tangletown,” Gottschalk said. “It’s really hard to find a good rooftop.”

Volunteers are also planning a fall water quality project to rake leaves away from storm drains.

“Organic debris on cement means there is going to be runoff into our waterways,” Gottschalk said.

For more information, contact info@tangletown.org.