The Weekend Tourist // Artistic bike rack tour

By now we all know that Minneapolis is a biking capital. If you haven’t seen a handful of bike commuters, messengers, or pleasure riders today you must still be in bed. In the city limits we have 85 miles of off-street bike trails and 81 miles of on-street bike lanes. Along with the proliferation of bikers new bike shops seem to open frequently. In fact, we have 28 shops within the city limits right now. To support our cycle enthusiasm several local manufacturers make bicycling gear and ArtCrank hosts poster parties for bike people across the country and even in London. We Minneapolitans love our bike culture. 

Seventeen years ago, Rolf Scholtz and his brother were bicycle commuting students at the University of Minnesota and found bike racks to be less than desirable. They formed Dero Bike Rack Company and have since become an industry leader. While they have plenty of standard bike racks available, Dero designs custom racks for businesses, cities, and has fabricated winning designs for several public art bike rack competitions. Some of their custom designs include an adopt-a-highway-like sponsorship panel. They also make a terrific public bike repair stand, complete with lift rack and tools, available at MCTC and soon to be installed along the Greenway and at the U of M. Dero’s colorful, fun racks can be seen all over town. 

Wouldn’t it be great if Minneapolis held a city-themed bike rack competition? I know I’d be tempted to sponsor a rack: “Have a nice weekend from the Weekend Tourist.”

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