Art Beat // Standing out

THE WEDGE — Highpoint Center for Printmaking’s first national juried show is up and making the case this is something Highpoint should try more often.

Two print experts from Chicago, Susan Inglett and Mark Pascale, judged nearly 800 entries, presenting the top awards, worth $500 each, to Augsburg College instructor Lynn Bollman and Illinois artist Mitch Mitchell. There’s no reason to argue with either selection, but Mitchell’s work is particularly stunning.

Two excerpts from his “Cities of the Prairie” series show the artist flawlessly combining print and photographic techniques, creating a series of images by rearranging a set of elements: ghostly black block shapes, tiny hairs or filaments and dimpled, semi-translucent material that alternately resembles either human skin or an orange peel magnified. It’s unsettling, but fascinating, work.

Several Highpoint regulars made the cut, too, including John Boyd Brent and Jenny Schmid.

Go See It

“Stand Out Prints 2012” runs through April 14 at Highpoint Center for Printmaking, 912 W. Lake St. 871-1326.