Uptown filmmaker releases another Nates Word video

Nate Maydole, 28, of Uptown has released his fourth “Nate’s Word” video — a yearlong project where he films himself saying a word each day to string together a story for the year.  

The theme for his latest video, released earlier this month, is adventure. He captures scenes from 16 cities across the country. The highlight is a clip near the end where he gets more than 15,000 people to say a word with him in South Padre Island.

“What started as a project about change has evolved into something more,” Maydole said. “It’s about cherishing the moment and looking back at life’s accomplishments.”

The goal for his video project is to continue for another 16 years so he’s filmed each day for 20 years. His grand opus would then be about an hour long.  

“It’s truly a hobby,” he said. “I like getting people involved with it — family and friends.”

As of the first week of May, Maydole’s fourth video had attracted nearly 700 viewers on YouTube. His previous three videos have drawn more than 750,000 views on YouTube and Bing.

The theme for last year’s project was people and his other two projects focused on change and memory. For his next project, Maydole’s theme is food and a look at why we eat the things we do.

To see his videos, go to natesword.com. His latest project is also posted on the Southwest Journal’s blog on Tumblr — southwestjournal.tumblr.com.