Rants & Raves

This new feature gives you a chance to tell us what you love and what irks you in Southwest. Send your rants and raves to Journal editor Sarah McKenzie at [email protected] Or go online to southwestjournal.com and post your comments on the R&R link. Here are some thoughts from a few folks here at Minnesota Premier Publications to get the ball rolling.


Lowry Hill Liquor store clerk
To the Lowry Hill Liquor Store clerk in the Vikings beret for your tireless insistence that all customers “have a magical evening.” You have teetered brilliantly between sarcasm and sincerity. Thanks to you, my weekend evenings have indeed been magical, and I now hang a Lowry Hill cocktail recipe calendar in my cubicle. Cheers.

Snow gorilla

To the creator of the amazing gorilla snow sculpture spotted on West Franklin Avenue in Lowry Hill.

Dragonfly Coffee
To the amiable proprietor at 50th & Penn’s Dragonfly Coffee, who served up a delicious dark roast and had my favorite yogurt in the refrigerated case.

To Kowalski’s for carrying traditional Dutch stroopwafels. They might be outrageously expensive, but this expatriate appreciates being able to buy the real thing in his new hometown.


Cowboy Slims

To Cowboy Slims, for polluting an otherwise innocuous Uptown block with your unbearably loud pop country soundtrack. Your patrons may be willing to “save a horse, ride a cowboy,” but the folks who pass by your bar on the way to yoga are not.

Hennepin Lake liquor

To the Hennepin Lake liquor store, for your steadfast refusal to accept credit cards. And for the confusion you cause by not actually being located at Hennepin and Lake.

The Vikings

To the Vikings for, well, duh.

Side streets

Note to Southwest rut-laden side streets, in particular around the 41st and Chowen/Beard/Abbott area. I think I lost my fender somewhere in those deep, deep icy craters. Please return when it surfaces next spring.

Public works

To the city’s public works department for the unusually poor snowplowing job this winter. I know it snowed big on a holiday and the extreme cold conditions that followed made things tough for a while, but there has been more than enough time and decent weather since then to get the plows out and the salt down. Please get rid of the moon-like craters on our neighborhood streets.