Check it out // The Relic Hunter

Talk about a dream job.

Ian Grant, a long-time Southwest resident, travels the world looking for treasures.

Now he has a new show, “The Relic Hunter,” on the Travel Channel highlighting his unique work.

Grant’s business, Bjorling-Grant, has become known as one of the best in the design world for collecting unique objects around the globe in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

In his new television series, Grant will be taking his viewers along for his trips to Morocco, Romania, Benin/Togo, India, Nepal, Suriname, Peru and Turkey.

Some of his favorite objects gathered on his journeys include a paddle he bought while traveling on the Amazon in the rain forests of Peru and a Buddhist conch purchased in Katmandu used to call monks.

“All of these objects act like a door — a conduit — to understanding a culture,” he said. “To me these things involve so many aspects of a culture, whether it’s religion or ritual or day-to-day activity. It opens up your eyes so immediately to another culture. As a result of that, it makes you more open to other ways of life and [fosters] more understanding of what’s going on around the world.”

Grant said he hopes the show inspires people to go off the beaten path when they are traveling.

When: “The Relic Hunter” premiered Oct. 3 and will run through Oct. 24
Where: The Travel Channel
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Hardware Art Show

Frattalone’s Ace Hardware is seeking artwork made of common pieces of hardware (tools, appliances, gadgets, etc.) for an upcoming art show.

It would like to see “local artists turn mops into Monets and plungers into Picassos” for its second annual art show, according to a news release.

Here are guidelines for submissions:

— The artwork must be “focused on or composed” of items found in ordinary hardware stores.
— Accepted artwork will be on display and must be suitable for all ages.
— All artists must submit a photograph with the entry form (available at all 11 Frattalone’s Ace locations at
— Artists must bring accepted pieces to the 1804 Nicollet Ave. S. store during regular business hours (8 a.m.–9 p.m.) and install them on or before Oct. 15.
— Artwork can’t exceed 2 feet on any side and must be a “manageable” weight.
— The first 25 pieces submitted will be given priority in consideration for the show.
— Deadline for submissions is Oct. 5.

For more information, contact Mary at [email protected]

When: The art will be on display Oct. 16–Nov. 20
Where: Frattallone’s Ace Hardware, 1804 Nicollet Ave. S.