Salon stimulus: Jon Charles Salon unveils deal for new customers

The Jon Charles Salon in Uptown has come up with its own kind of stimulus package for its new clients.

"We’ve been talking to our clients and they’ve been saying everybody’s being offered buyouts or everybody’s losing their jobs," salon owner Jon Charles said. "We’re actually doing pretty good at the salon and we’re thinking people need a break right now."

The deal the salon has come up with offers new customers a discount of up to 50 percent off of hair and nail services with Charles and his new creative director Craig Weitz. The discount doesn’t apply to premium packages like Japanese hair straightening or hair extensions.

As for existing customers, Charles said the salon is providing them with what he likes to call an economic-stimulus card. According to Charles, clients pay for five services and get one in return for free. Charles added the stimulus package would continue for the next two months.

Coming up with creative discounts is not a new practice for Charles. In the past, he has traded hair services for golf clubs and last spring the salon gave a 30 percent discount on hair styling and coloring. Charles added whenever he can, he tries to help customers who are strapped for cash.

"A few years ago I had a client whose husband lost his share of a company. She was paying about $150 every two weeks to get her hair colored and cut," Charles explained. "So I charged her $50 and I told her to tell me when she could pay full price. Eighteen months later she came to me and said she could pay full price again."

Creative director Craig Weitz said the stimulus package has taken off in only a week, with the salon receiving around 70 calls a day asking for the stimulus package. Weitz added he is excited about the positive feedback the stimulus plan has had in community with people’s attitudes.

Weitz said he notices how a hair cut can give people self-assurance for job interview or confidence after a layoff. He added the salon staff feels rewarded for what they can do for people, especially in this time of need.

And as people look for jobs in such a bleak economy, the Jon Charles Salon will continue to do its part to ease some of people’s financial burdens.

"My clients are going to be fine. For a year to a year and half they might struggle, but I want to take care of them during that struggle," Jon Charles said. "A lot of people helped me in my life and that’s what this is all about."

The salon opened on Uptown Row in the summer of 2006.

Deal details

What: The Jon Charles Stimulus Package allows new clients to trim the percentage lost in a retirement fund for most salon services with John Charles or his creative director Craig Weitz — up to 50 percent.

Where: Jon Charles Salon, 1221 W. Lake St.

When: Next several months