Flavor: That’s hot!

Emergency: I bit into a hot pepper. There I was, on assignment, mouth on fire. No flames, but plenty of tears and a runny nose.

What to do?

I reached for my glass of water, gulped it down. (Mistake, I know, but there was neither milk nor bread around to soothe my tongue.) It was a small glass. No good — I needed more relief. I thought about licking the sweat droplets on the glass’s exterior but decided I knew better.

Tongue still boiling.

Hot. Hot. HOT.

Luckily, Roat Osha has quick service, and my waiter returned to neatly refill my glass. I had only one wish: that he’d stick around to watch me chug it down and refill again. He didn’t. That’s OK; I still gave him a friendly tip. But at that point I was left scrounging for water alternatives.

I decided to try my smooth zinfandel to wash down the spice.


If water neatly fans the heat around, wine acts as a wind turbine. This was torture of the highest caliber — in other words, a successful night at a Thai restaurant.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who prefers food come with a promise of involuntary sweating. Otherwise, there’d be no point for the emergence of Roat Osha, which replaced the old Sawatdee at 27th & Hennepin just a few months ago. There’d be no point for the existence of its sister restaurant, Tum Rup Thai, just a mile and a half east. Or for Chiang Mai Thai, three blocks south. Or Amazing Thailand. Or King and I Thai. Etc.

All of them serve the same general food, but each seems to have its own reason for being. I go to Chiang for its laid-back, fancy vibe. Amazing Thailand has fantastic bubble tea. Roat Osha — well, it has free parking, which is a great start.

More than that, though, is that its spicy curry with white ginger is to die for.

Served on a sizzling plate, it features a great blend of cooked veggies with a delicious, mild ginger coating. Starting at a medium spicy level, I bumped it up high for maximum effect.

I got exactly what I wanted: tears, red cheeks and copious water chugging. Roat Osha, I’ll be back.

Roat Osha
2650 Hennepin Ave. S.