Heidi Althoff

Date: Dec. 4

Time: 2:20 p.m.

Location: 43rd Street at Upton Avenue
Heidi Althoff shivers in the afternoon of this first bitter December day as she furrows her brow and raises her mittened fingers one by one, trying to remember.

Dog sitting, house sitting, elder sitting, house cleaning, a little modeling, helping her dad with his business. Mostly in that order.

She’s silent for a moment. "I think that’s it," she says. "A whole bunch of small jobs."

Heidi wants to sew. One job she couldn’t tick off.

She’s between things and stuck among others and trying to wiggle free. Passive-aggressively, she says. Not too hard or fast.

How can you blame her for the pace. How do you reconcile an ache for inspiration and a sagged bank statement but with a choice that feels like a litmus test for lived experience: Make money or love what you do.

She largely interacts with children and old people. She’s lonely, hungry for peers. She dreams about a work community that’s diverse, engaging, challenges her.

She stills and straightens her back and says she’s not worried: "What you put out there will come back. So if I’m putting out good stuff, it will come back to me."

She’s asked for a dress form for Christmas.