Transitions: Samwell Rowan

Samwell Rowan

Date: Nov. 20
Time: 3:37 p.m.
Location: Pathway between Minneapolis Institute of Arts and MCAD

You know by his clothes that he plays one life so he can live another.

The pants a fold too long, the jacket wide in the shoulders, the boots-as-dress-shoes, the half-tucked shirt and the indifferent tie blowing in the steam grate breeze.

Samwell Rowan wrote his first song at 13, the same number of years he, now 33, has worked as a museum security guard.

He’s a composer. He can’t help it, can’t stop writing music. Some 200 songs and counting, intricate, dense, psychedelic-meets-ambient compositions.

He’s vaguely aware of living the dream or making it or those other music-industry bromides, but mostly he just believes fiercely and resolutely in that feeling no artist can describe but amicably attempt when asked:

"I can’t exactly say, it’s spirituality and imagination coming together, channeling something."

He embraces the duality of his day-to-day. It awards him the satisfaction of time to think and create and write.

Samwell recently recruited a band to perform his compositions. It’s hard, it always is, finding people, teaching parts, but his band is ready, he thinks. And so is his music. There’s a show later this year.

"This is really my first shot," he says.