Transitions: Mark Gooley

Mark Gooley

Date: Oct. 13

Time: 11:15 p.m.

Location: 3600 block of Garfield Avenue S.

Mark Gooley is trying to protect his biggest investment.

He knows there isn’t much he can do. He gets the nuances of the whole mess as well as anyone else. “The economy is a big issue, you know, what’s going to happen,” he says.

His investment is off to high school next year, and when she comes home each night she tries to sell him on things he can’t afford. Like De La Salle. All my friends are going there, she tells him. It’s a persuasive argument, all things equal, though they never are.

Tuition’s $10,000. He mutters the math. “It’s four years, so 10 times four, probably more than that.”

He pauses to sigh the sigh of a stoic dad, inaudible, just a suggestion of a nose flare and a quick twitch at each corner of his lips.

“Then you have to pay for college, too.”

Next fall his daughter will likely walk through the doors of Southwest High.

“She’s not real happy,” he says. “But she’s not the boss.”

Today Gooley is catching up on paperwork. Not much else a landscaper can do when it rains and there’s not even a rumor of clear skies.

Editor’s note: “Transitions” is a new portrait series by photographer Robb Long that highlights people in Southwest.