Transitions: Clara Garner


Clara Garner

Date: July 2
Time: 5:41 p.m.
Location: 4420 Fremont Ave. S.
Clara, 3, was outside playing with a big pink ball with her brother and grandma as she was spending the day at her grandparents’ house.
“When my mom comes over we are going to eat dinner and then she is going to leave and I am going to sleep over,” she said. “My grandpa is not feeling good so we are going to have soup.”  
Clara said she is excited about going to a Spanish immersion day camp in coming days. She also talked about a fun camping trip on the St. Croix River she went on with her family. “I went camping with my mom, dad, little brother, grandma, grandpa and uncle. I slept in a tent, we cooked over a fire.
I had a special headlamp so I could see in the dark. I want to go again,” she said.

Editor’s note: “Transitions” is a new portrait series by photographer Robb Long that highlights people in Southwest.