Happy hour, happy baby

How about a happy hour after enjoying a "happy baby" pose?

Sound intriguing?

It was part of my evening on a recent Friday at the taraNa yoga studio.

During the "happy baby" pose, you lie on your back with your knees bent, stretched toward your armpits. You hold the outer edges of your feet. Compared to some of the poses during the challenging 90-minute Vinyasa class, the "happy baby" was something of a relief — a soothing back stretch.

I’m no yoga expert. I’ve gone to a handful of classes and experimented with various tapes at home, but I was intrigued by the buzz about the Friday Happy Hour Yoga at taraNa.

It was more challenging than I anticipated but truly satisfying. I was lucky to have guidance from the class instructor Jeffrey Bores, the studio’s co-owner. He helped me find my way in a number of difficult poses.

The snug studio was packed with students. We lined up mat-to-mat, careful not to bump into one another. The other students in the class who took the poses with ease and grace while I fumbled to find my footing impressed me.

Another interesting aspect of the class was the chanting. The chants were elaborate, more involved than the simple "ohms" I have repeated in other classes.

By the end of the session, I was dripping with sweat, grateful of the water bottle one of my classmates handed me. Then Bores and Michael Hawkins brought out a table with veggies and two types of wine, red and white. I enjoyed a glass of wine while chatting with my classmates about the experience.

I clearly need to work on some poses, as Bores pointed out, but I’m definitely in for another Happy Hour Yoga one of these days.

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