Whittier board chair becomes paid staffer

Marion Biehn resigned her voluntary position as Whittier Alliance Board chair to become its paid staff. Her new job title is neighborhood development manager,

formerly known as executive director.

That title was changed when job responsibilities merged.

Biehn, currently the Alliance’s only paid staffer, will do the work formerly done by Community Organizer Suzy Kim Scott and Executive Director Angela Currier; both took other jobs this spring. Another staffer will be hired in the coming weeks.

Biehn, a St. Paul resident, has been an active member of the Alliance for six years. She has been a Whittier property owner for 20 years and said that she took the job to work full-time in the community.

Whittier is one of the city’s largest and most diverse neighborhoods. The neighborhood is one of Southwest’s poorest but is in the midst of a boom thanks to immigrant entrepreneurs and recent condo developments.

"It’s kind of clich/ to say that we celebrate the diversity here, but we are also celebrating prosperity," Biehn said.

With the Alliance’s reduced staff, Biehn said she looking for community volunteers to help carry on the work. The Alliance’s number is 871-7756