Snapshot: A special Linden Hills igloo


Our yard art has taken on a new dimension this winter.  

Because we weren’t going to travel for our winter break, we wanted to have a family project we all thought was interesting and fun.  We were not planning on the  minus 15 temperature, but we are true Minnesotans and roll with the weather punches.  

We started this project because we saw another ice igloo that we thought was really interesting.  We didn’t have the forms that the other family had, so our design needed to be changed, said the engineer in the family, Steve.

 We froze 30 ice blocks at a time before the break to get a head start.  When we hit 90 blocks, we knew that we had to make many more at a time to be able to create this structure.  We purchased more aluminum pans so we could make the blocks 90 at a time.  

This little igloo has 320 blocks of ice colored with food coloring.  We notice the food coloring is being bleached out, but at night we still see the igloo in full color when it is lit. We started with a huge mound of snow, put the ice blocks on top of the snow, we used slush as the mortar between the blocks of ice.  We poured water over the structure when it was below zero to give the structure strength.  Digging the snow out of the structure took much more time than we imagined, but in the end it really looks great.  Come drive by and take a look! We’re at 4348 Abbott Ave. S. 

— Martha Palm