Wishes for Tangletown and Lynnhurst

Tangletown/Lynnhurst wish list 

1. I wish that there would soon be a building replacing the pit, surrounded by chain-link fence, where Beak’s Pizza was located before it burned down. It has a negative impact on a vibrant area. Let’s add more restaurants or retail spaces with some outdoor spaces for families to enjoy the community. 

2. I wish the city hadn’t approved of AutoZone to fill the space at 54th and Lyndale. At least it’s not a pawn shop, but this is an area where people linger outside of the coffee shop across the street. Why not add something people can enjoy and that adds beauty to the area? 

3. I wish the bike path crossing Lyndale and Minnehaha Creek also went under the bridge as the walking path does. 

4. I wish we used roundabouts on Lyndale so traffic would slow down. 

Shannon Johnson


A runner’s request 

I would love to see some sculptural exercise equipment along trails that allows people to get an upper body workout as part of their daily jog.

Catherine Higgins


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