Two wishes for Linden Hills


Two wishes for Linden Hills 

1. That chain link fence around the former Famous Dave’s in Linden Hills, and the mess behind it, is SO ugly! Let’s pick a day to get together and yarn bomb the whole thing. We could make it beautiful!  

2.  Speaking of unsightly, why do we tolerate the billboards atop the buildings at 43rd and Upton? Many parts of the country have done away with billboards all together, yet while we debate building height in the neighborhood, I hear nary a peep about those awful billboards, which beside being ugly, take up a lot of vertical space.

Luanne Nyberg 


More common spaces, please! 

I would like to see more spacious places in Minneapolis, which provide a place for people to hang without it being associated with food or alcohol.

I find my only options to socialize are bars or restaurants, which can quickly become pricey.

Alternatively I use my gym (the downtown Y) to get out in winter. And even that comes at a price (albeit a reasonable one). The church fills this role for religious people, but what does Minneapolis have for the non-religious folk amongst us? I can/want to go to the gym only so many times a week! It would really benefit the community and would allow people to get out more rather than staying at home watching TV or playing computers.

Michael Tomiak


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