Forgot a fancy logo, how about a city flag?

Forgot a fancy logo, how about a city flag?

Imagine having a Minneapolis flag that every citizen could get Behind — a flag that is on every porch or in every yard.  

A flag that wassuch a source of pride that people wore it on their T-shirts and hats (or even tattooed it to their leg!)  One with symbolism that represents what makes this city so great.  A flag can do this.  It can unite the citizens and serve as a brand. I think this is missing in Minneapolis right now.  

In fact, I barely ever see the Minneapolis flag being flown. There has been a lot of efforts around creating a new logo to make sure that the city is branded properly and I think creating a new powerful, prideful flag is right in line with those efforts.

Justin Elliott

A mural in need of TLC 

The Wizard of Oz mural by the 1st Avenue light-rail station is deteriorating. I would like to see it restored to its original look. Since the light rail station was built, many more people will see it while waiting for their trains.  

If there are buildings with large blank walls, it would be fun to see them covered with murals like the Venice mural.

Steven Steuck


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