A St. Paulite’s wishes for Mpls

A St. Paulite who spends a lot of time in Minneapolis would like to see a "movies in the park" event at Target Field. Credit:

#MplsWishList: Sharing your dreams with the city 

I love this project and hope it keeps going. I’m a St. Paul resident, but commute to work via bike or Green Line to my office on the edge of downtown Minneapolis by the Dunwoody College. Here are the things I see every day and dream about:

 — The Armory: I visited the city of Toronto a few summers ago and went to the Saint Lawrence Market. I was blown away by all the food and craft vendors there and immediately thought, “They could do something like this in the Armory building in Minneapolis.” With all the new office and residential development in the area, I believe it will have the population density and traffic to succeed. The thing with an open market space is that you can put anything in it: year-round farmers market, local crafts, permanent dining, artist studio/booths.

— Plaza Potential: I often venture to 2nd Avenue in the summer to get some food truck grub and always end up sitting on Canadian Pacific Plaza to eat. That large amphitheater seating with the shady trees is always full of other people who had the same idea I did. As I look around downtown, there are many of these beautiful plazas that are largely unused because there’s nothing to draw people there. What if we start partnering more food trucks with property owners so they can park their truck right on the plaza (much like the Dandelion truck that is always in front of the IDS Center on Nicollet). I see Government Plaza and The 5th Street Towers  as prime opportunities for this.

— Bikeway Improvements: Between both the Greenway in Uptown and Cedar Lake Trail downtown, I count only one business that opens up to the bike trail. As much as I love these trails, they sometimes feel too much like an interstate highway: it’s hard to actually access all the businesses you pass by. Let’s take down all those chain link fences on the Cedar Lake Trail downtown to give trail users more two-way access. Let’s also encourage developers to add retail space on the trail level when they build up these apartment buildings. I feel like Dock Street Flats wasted a good opportunity.

— Open up these “Peoples’ Stadiums” to the people: If we’re going to put a large amount of public money into new stadiums, let the public get as much use as possible. Start regularly showing “movies in the park” at Target Field during the summer nights. If there’s a big Twins road trip, have a night where folks can go right onto the field with their picnic blankets. Make sure they bring back Rollerdome to the new football stadium. Have days in the winter where people can also access the field level and play on it like it were a public park.

Chris Brummund 


Please do something about those wind tunnels! 

I wish we could figure out how to reduce/slow down cold winter winds downtown. I feel like non-decidious trees and shrubs, combined with artsy wind turbine walls, mechanical kite flying robots if they exist, etc. Basically anything that would look good and reduce the cold winter winds would be amazing and dramatically improve street life/activity.

Riley Curran



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