Mayor Rybak shares advice for voters

With Election Day just four days away, Mayor R.T. Rybak shared three pointers for voters today on his blog.

He urged people to rank their vote, follow the money pouring into the race, and be skeptical of campaign literature from the Minneapolis firefighters union.

“This will be an exciting weekend as candidates and their supporters make their final case. This has been one of the most positive and constructive campaigns for mayor that I can remember, and I hope all candidates can resist going negative now so we can all make a positive, informed decision,” he wrote on the blog.

On campaign contributors, he said: “Getting a contribution from someone does not mean they can ‘buy you,’ but it is important for voters to know who will have influence and who is putting lots of money into this campaign.”

He also urged voters to be on the alert for “last-minute attacks in the mail.” 

“Specifically, be very skeptical about attacks you may see from the Minneapolis firefighters union. Now let me be totally clear: I have a tremendous respect for the professionals in the Fire Department who protect us every day. They are heroes. However, the union that represents them is known for bombastic attack literature that often comes late in a campaign. I saw a piece in the 13th Ward that misleadingly attacked me while encouraging a vote for a Council candidate,” he wrote.

Rybak has declined to endorse a mayoral candidate and plans to issue a statement once a winner is declared in the race and then will meet with the mayor-elect to discuss the transition process.