Improv theater troupe hosting ‘improvised’ mayoral debate Oct. 30

With the marathon campaign season nearing an end, the Theater of Public Policy is hosting a special event, “An Improvised Mayoral Forum,” with some of the leading candidates for mayor at the Bryant-Lake Bowl on Oct. 30.

The Minneapolis-based improv theater group explores the political landscape with improv comedy. It has traveled all over the state for shows.

“Like all Theater of Public Policy events, we want it to be both informative and entertaining. We think you can actually get into issues pretty deep using comedy and theater,” said Tane Danger, co-founder, host and director of The Theater of Public Policy. “I also want to give the candidates opportunities to respond to one another and follow-up on key points. This will not be a debate where we ask one question, give each candidate two minutes to opine, and then move on.”

The show’s second half will feature audience questions. Danger said people should come with questions or tweet them ahead of time to @t2­_p2.

Confirmed candidates for the Oct. 30 event include: Betsy Hodges, Cam Winton, Jackie Cherryhomes, Bob Fine, Stephanie Woodruff and Dan Cohen.

The event runs 7–9 p.m. at the BLB theater, 810 W. Lake St.

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