VoterPalooza set for Oct. 3 at Lumber Exchange Building

Musicians will perform Oct. 3 at the Lumber Exchange Building, 10 S. 5th St., for a “VoterPalooza 2013” to get the word out about ranked-choice voting for this year’s election.

The hosts are Sy Huff and Krist Novaselic of Nirvana fame and the band lineup includes Tim Mahoney, #MPLS, Carnage the Executioner, The 757’s, Mac Irv, Howler and Chase & Ovation. The event starts at 6:30 p.m.

The sponsors are The Pourhouse, the Denny Bennet Group, mayoral candidate Mark Andrew and Third Ward City Council candidate Jacob Frey.

“So many of us candidates and campaigns keep talking to people who still don’t fully understand how the ranking process works. What better way to inform voters than by connecting through our local music scene,” Andrew said.