Candidate filing begins in Minneapolis

Dick Franson and Gregg Iverson were first and second in line when the windows opened at 8 a.m.

Credit: Nick Halter

Once again, perennial candidate Dick Franson was the first person in line at City Hall to file to run for office in the 2013 Minneapolis elections. 

Franson was an hour early for the 8 a.m. opening of the city clerk’s window. Second in line was Gregg Iverson, who showed up a half hour later.

“In 2009, I beat (Mark) Stenglein out and he resented it,” Franson said of showing up first. “He’s 6’5” and it was funny as hell, really.”

Franson usually runs for mayor, but with Sandy Colvin Roy deciding not run again for her Ward 12 seat, he decided to instead run for that office. Franson also ran for the Ward 12 seat 50 years ago and lost to Arnie Carlson, he said.

“And he was afraid to run against me,” chimed in Iverson, who is running for mayor. Both men are Vietnam vets.

Andrew Johnson, also running in Ward 12, was third in line. Jacob Frey, who is running in Ward 3, was fourth. No other candidate was in line before the window opened.

“It’s an important moment. It’s my first time filing for office and something that’s really exciting,” Johnson said. “We’ve been counting it down all week, doing endorsement announcements on Facebook.”

Johnson battled Colvin Roy for the DFL endorsement this spring, but neither candidate won the party’s backing. Colvin Roy later dropped out of the race.