Perry back in, new candidate emerges in Ward 13 race

Missy Durant, a human resources professional who lives in Fulton, is running for City Council in Ward 13

Credit: Submitted photo

Matt Perry, who earlier promised to abide by the DFL endorsement, re-launched his campaign for Ward 13 City Council on Wednesday. 

He’s not the only one challenging Linea Palmisano, who won the DFL endorsement on May 11. Missy Durant announced on June 14 she was also running for the seat, which is being vacated at the end of the year by mayoral candidate Betsy Hodges.

Durant is a human resources professional. She works for Salo, a senior-level staffing agency. She previously held the title of senior director of human resources for Best Buy, a job that brought her to Minneapolis from Florida 10 years ago. Her top client right now is Schwan’s

Durant is 51 and lives in the Fulton neighborhood with her partner, Samantha, and their two kids. She said she has no political experience and didn’t go for the DFL endorsement because she didn’t know the process.

“I am really new to all of this,” Durant said. “I haven’t been involved in politics in the past. The whole endorsement process is new to me. I line up completely with all the (DFL) principles.”

Durant said she wants to focus on city infrastructure, because while living in Florida she witnessed poorly-run cities and state government.

“As a city, we’re getting to a point where we need to continue to look at and make investments in our infrastructure,” she said. “I am looking years down the road and thinking, gosh, if we don’t continue to make plans and keep improving and building the infrastructure I know what can happen because I lived in those places.”

Durant said she’s been active in Project Success, Human Rights Campaign, Judson Memorial Baptist Church and Camp Erin, a camp for grieving kids.

Perry re-launches  

Perry answered a Stonewall DFL survey this spring saying that he would abide by the DFL endorsement. He later lost that endorsement to Palmisano.

Defending his decision to jump back into the race after a five week campaign suspension, Perry said, “any leader who is going to be a leader in public service has got to make sure that when they make decisions to do something, they are willing to listen and if there is new information that comes to light and new facts, that they reexamine that decision and that is exactly what I did.”

Asked what new information or facts came about since the May 11 convention, Perry said it was a “groundswell of interest” from residents who wanted him to keep running.

What I did not realize was the level of interest in the voters to want to have those choices,” he said.

Palmisano responded to Perry’s campaign re-launch.

“After losing the DFL endorsement he decided to run, so I welcome him back into the race and I look forward to a vigorous exchange through the summer and fall,” she said.