Palmisano wins DFL endorsement in Ward 13

The Linden Hills resident captured 60 percent of the delegates after the third round of balloting today

Credit: Nick Halter

Linea Palmisano won the DFL endorsement in Ward 13 today, securing 60.1 percent of the 283 ballots cast by delegates at Washburn High School.

It took three rounds of balloting for Palmisano to win the endorsement. There was a delay in announcing the results because of a spoiled ballot that caused some confusion.

With 283 delegates in the auditorium, Palmisano needed 170 votes to gain the necessary 60 percent for an endorsement. However, one ballot came in with “No vote” written on it. The convention tellers declared that a spoiled ballot, and Palmisano got exactly 170 votes.

Palmisano’s opponent, Matt Perry, got 110 votes, or 38.9 percent of the delegates. Three people voted for no endorsement.

Perry, through a campaign staffer, declined an interview after the endorsement was announced. The staffer said Perry would, as he promised earlier in the day, suspend his campaign.

But exactly what a suspension means has come under some scrutiny recently. Meg Tuthill, after she failed to win the endorsement in Ward 10, called into question how long a suspension would last, opening the door for a possible run against the endorsed candidate, Lisa Bender.

It’s also unclear if Perry has an intention of challenging the endorsement because of the ballot ruled spoiled.

As of May 13, Perry had not challenged the DFL decision, said Dan McConnell, chair of the Minneapolis DFL. Perry has until May 21 to do so. 

Palmisano thanked Perry for running in her acceptance speech.

“I know Matt well, and I know Matt will continue his volunteer work in the neighborhoods and do everything that makes the city better,” she said.

The race was much closer on the first ballot, when Palmisano got 162 votes to Perry’s 138 from the 304 original delegates. But after the first and second ballot, people started to leave the auditorium, and many of those people were Perry supporters.

Perry went from 138 delegates to 110 delegates between the first and third ballots.

Palmisano promised to work hard for Ward 13 if elected in November.

“I’m humbled by your trust and faith in me,” Palmisano said to the crowd.

Also, Elizabeth Glidden received the DFL endorsement for Ward 8 today. Glidden, the incumbent, ran for the endorsement unopposed.