Minneapolis DFL holding caucuses tonight

The Minneapolis DFL is holding precinct caucuses 7 p.m. tonight throughout the city to get the ball rolling on endorsing candidates running for city offices this year.

Delegates will be elected at the caucuses for City Council ward conventions and the City Convention on June 15. They will have the chance to vote to endorse candidates at those conventions. The City Convention considers endorsements for mayor, Park Board and the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Candidates need 60 percent of the delegates to vote for them to secure an endorsement. 

Party leaders are expecting a high turnout tonight give the crowded mayor’s race and competitive council races, particularly in the 10th and 3rd wards. Six candidates are seeking the DFL endorsement for mayor, including Mark Andrew, Jackie Cherryhomes, Betsy Hodges, Gary Schiff, Don Samuels and Jim Thomas. 

City Council Member Meg Tuthill faces three challengers for the DFL endorsement in the 10th Ward race, including Ken Bradley, Lisa Bender and Kendal Killian. Diane Hofstede, the incumbent in the 3rd Ward race, faces competition from Jacob Frey.

FairVote Minnesota staff and volunteers will be at the caucuses tonight to educate people on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) — the voting method voters will use in November. It allows voters to rank up to three candidates for each office. 

For more information on tonight’s caucuses, go to the Minneapolis DFL website