Thank you, Southwest!

In addition to tributes about great Southwest neighbors for our inaugural “Neighbors of Note” feature in the Dec. 26–Jan. 8 edition, we received a couple of thank you notes from readers — a longtime Journal tradition. If you want to send along a “thank you” tribute about a special neighbor, please send it to [email protected]

Thankful for Tangletown neighbors
How do I think all of the amazing people who make this a fantastic neighborhood?!  We live in the city, but our close-knit community feels like we live in a small town.  A big thanks to Tracy for maintaining our neighborhood distribution lists (security, rooster parties, etc).  Not sure, but think we are up to 70 people … so that is NOT an easy list to maintain! Thanks to Bruce and Jim for keeping the Rooster Party tradition going. A big hug to Mr. Henry for teaching me how to grow tomatoes and for blowing out our drive and walk more than once last winter when Gary was traveling. Ditto to Lucas and your father’s commercial blower! Thank you to all of our gardening neighbors … not only do you make this a lovely place to live, but you support our local garden stores (Sunnyside, Tangletown and Bachman’s) plus you inspire me to always try something new in my own gardens. Sarah, thank you for always being so positive and a little ray of sunshine. Your positive attitude is contagious! And lastly, a HUGE thank you to Siri, Elke, and Lily for babysitting at the last neighborhood party.

Thanks to your efforts more people could attend, and better yet, could focus on getting to know each other.

Colleen, Gary & Lilly Smith
Bryn Mawr

Grateful for the Goetz family
“It takes a village to raise a child” and my village included the Goetz family at 1712 Humboldt. I was lucky to grow-up for much of my younger years next door to the Goetz family — Mary Rose and Frederick, their four children, Thomas, Laura, Cecie and Fred, and numerous Yorkies.  They were instrumental in supporting me through some rough spots. I can’t thank them enough for including me in their family and showing me the importance of a good cup of tea, a kiss to welcome you home, a song while doing the dishes and a healthy intellectual discussion.

With much love and thanks!

Courtney “Bush”
“Courts” Cushing Kiernat
East Calhoun