Letters to the editor

Support for Linden Corner

My name is Maggie Koerth-Baker. I’ve lived at 50th and Xerxes for six years. Professionally, I’m a science journalist who just spent the last two years writing a book about the future of energy in the United States. Called “Before the Lights Go Out,” it will be published in April by Wiley and Sons.

My husband, Christopher Baker, is an engineer who works on making buildings more energy efficient.

Sustainability is very important to us. That’s why we support the development of Linden Corners as a multi-story building with both residences and commercial space. Evidence shows that infill projects like this are key to building more sustainable communities that reduce energy use and increase neighborhood relationships.  

Multi-story, mixed-use infill developments reduce vehicle miles traveled, because they mean more people can do more things within walking distance of their homes. A 2004 study found that if the United States embraced smart-growth development, which includes projects like Linden Corners, we could cut our gasoline usage almost in half. I want my neighborhood to be a part of that kind of change.

Single-story, single-use construction is the construction of sprawl. It’s the kind of construction that has made us perilously dependent on fossil fuels. A community that embraces sprawl is not the kind of community my husband and I want to live in. And it’s not the kind of community that will help build a better world for our children. We moved to this area because we like being able to walk places, attend local events, and see lots of people close by. We want more of those things. Not less.

We don’t live in a village. You don’t, either. Let’s make
Minneapolis a more sustainable city by supporting environmentally-friendly projects like Linden Corners.

Maggie Koerth-Baker, Linden Hills/Fulton


Praise for One Read

Thanks to the great One Minneapolis One Read, Minneapolis’ first-ever community read of the book “The Grace of Silence” by NPR host and Minneapolis native Michele Norris. Norris has encouraged me.

Victor Sanchez, Bancroft