Letters to the editor

Praise for Settergren’s

As a community member in the Linden Hills neighborhood, I wanted to welcome the new Settergren’s hardware store. I grew up in Southwest Minneapolis and my family has been a customer since the 1960s. My father, a brilliant lawyer, but hopeless in the home repair area, was talked through every project with the help of this fine store. My aunt who was widowed at a young age and had five children to raise, was welcomed at the store and was able to pay what she could in an age when that kind of kindness was disappearing. As a single parent myself, I have depended on their wealth of knowledge and their patience and kindness. They are truly a great asset to our community.

Colleen Moriarty
Linden Hills


A plea for property tax reform

In a recent Southwest Journal, you had an interesting article by three legislators from District 60. It is interesting that all of them are DFL and are using our broken property tax concept as a political football. When the DFL was in control of the Legislature, they were asked to fix our broken property tax concept. They refused to hear what is wrong with our  property tax. They choose to tinker with the property tax relief rather than to fix the core problem of our present property tax. The DFL and the GOP are no different, as it relates to property taxes. Both of them won’t face the property tax problems, and both of them won’t fix it; but rather tinker with the property tax relief program in a way that will assure them continual support of constituent votes.

The article is very confusing to the average taxpayer. It is written in a way for people to believe that the GOP has taken away all of property tax relief. The GOP has taken away some, but not all. There must be an end for the politicians to distort facts about property taxes and tell half truths.

There is a solution to the property tax controversy. But since the DFL and the GOP will not listen to the core problem or to a solution, I have prepared a petition for the politicians to see that the voting public wants the politicians to acknowledge the core problem and initiate a reform that is equitable and tax neutral at the same time.

For details on the petition, contact me at 612-377-6153 or send me a question at [email protected]

Juris Curiskis
Bryn Mawr