Letter to the editor

In reference to the article titled “I forgot to remember to never forget 9/11”
To be completely honest, it took me a few minutes to calm down after reading Walsh’s opening sentence.  Your complete dismissal of September 11th with the line, “spare me” is so insensitive that I’m actually having a hard time finding the appropriate adjectives to adequately address your depth of ignorance.
Since you “forgot to remember”, here is one fact that you should keep in mind for future musings and attempts to politicize global tragedies: on September 11th, 2001 2,977 human beings were murdered.  That fact, I would argue, by any interpretation of the definition is a tragedy that demands the respect and reverence of every living human on this planet.
I wish you would have stopped the driver of that sedan and asked them what they don’t want to forget.  Perhaps you would have walked away with a new point of view and the good residents of Southwest Minneapolis would have been spared from your pontification and slant.  I imagine their answer would have surprised you.  Perhaps they will never forget their daughter whose grave is now a Pennsylvania field.  Perhaps they will never forget their brother who worked at The Pentagon.  Perhaps they are a congressional staffer, working at The Capitol, who never wants to forget that the actions of a few brave souls on United 93 saved their life.  Perhaps they were inspired by the actions of the 343 firemen, women and paramedics who gave their lives trying to save others.  Perhaps it’s in remembering, that we are inspired to live a better life today.
I remember 9/11, those who died, those who survived and find a much greater sense of purpose and gratitude in my life every day.  I’m inspired by the actions of all the heroes and am filled with a greater sense of purpose, community and desire to serve.
I can’t fathom how or why you missed all this.  Through your writing I can see that you fancy yourself an intelligent, progressive and sensitive man but you’ve reduced one of the greatest tragedies in the history of humankind into serving a one-dimensional and shallow point of view.  I implore you to reexamine the reasons why we remember 9/11 and the potential good that it serves, to apologize for your words, and for the Southwest Journal to take a serious look at their standards of publication.
Devin O’Brien