Favorite rooms: A cozy, peaceful corner

We asked Southwest Journal readers to send us photos of their favorite rooms for our Home Improvement Guide and explain what makes it a special spot. Dana Sosa sent us photos of the renovated master bedroom in her family’s home in Fulton at 53rd & Xerxes. Here’s her description of the space:

We’ve got a cozy little one-and-a-half story, 1922-era Craftsman Bungelow that we’ve tried to restore/retain in that vein as best we can since we bought it in 2001. The one-half story attic had been converted into a “bedroom” by a previous owner years ago — but it was basically just a big open space with a much to small closet for my taste … until now.

We have two elementry school age boys and no plans to leave this little house or neighborhood any time soon. We just love it here too much. So instead of selling — we considered it seriously — we invested in our version of a “Grand Master Suite.”

We took that underutilized space upstairs and gutted it to add a third bathroom (the spa); “his” and “hers” closets — where “hers” is even a walk-in … (wink-wink); a seating area with a built-in entertainment center; and an “office” space (i.e., a built-in desk) to replace the actual office we lost on the main floor to the
7 year old who declared he needed his own room this year.

Now, bear in mind, I use the terms “grand” and “suite” loosly here. We’re talking a 1922 one-and-a-half story bungelow in Southwest Minneapolis. The ceilings are low and pitched and the square footage is limited, but we made the best possible use of every square inch of that attic to make it functional without having to touch the roofline.

We created exactly what we needed for mom and dad to run and hide in when the volume on the main floor gets too high. (And being the only female in the house … mom REALLY needed it.)

So, the new “Grand Master Suite” has become our “grown ups” sanctuary and will become even more so as those two little boys get older and start bringing their friends into the house after school. 

It’s our space to settle in for some peace and quite while the boys “own” the main floor where their bedrooms are situated right off the kitchen. It was important to us to have enough space in the house so they’d invite their friends to hang out here as they get older … and now they’ll be free to take over the basement family room when that day comes. We’ll just retire upstairs to the grand master suite and give each other spa treatments.

The space is small and cozy and perfect for our needs — and it didn’t break the bank.

Do you have a favorite room and want to share photos with Journal readers? Send photos and a description of the space to Journal editor Sarah McKenzie at [email protected] We’ll consider it for publication in a future Home Improvement Guide or on our blog at southwestjournal.tumblr.com. For our September Home Improvement Guide, we are also asking readers to send us photos and descriptions of unique home renovation projects.