Letters to the editor

I will build the stadium!

If the state and local governments agreed to turn over all the tax revenue they receive from the stadium and the Vikings, I will build the new stadium. And with the leftover revenues, I will build Southwest High School a new stadium, create a new ice complex for the city of Minneapolis youth and Novas hockey teams, and give the next $10 million to the schools. I would still have ANNUAL revenue left over to update every park in the city.

The stadium and Vikings generate $30 million plus in annual tax revenues for the state today. The local government and city pull in an additional $40 million annually. The reason we are talking about new revenue sources is because the funds are being spent in other areas. Fair enough, but would our representatives at least admit the benefits are there?

The other option is to hand over the not-to-be-mentioned tax revenue and let someone else build the stadium.

Jodi Wishart